JL Series 5 Pin Chassis Connector - Black

XLR Connectors
JL Series 5 Pin Chassis Connector - Black

Part Number: IO-XLR5-X-JL-BK

Locking 5 pin connectors with rugged metal shells for audio and lighting control.

Silver Plated Contacts
Separate Ground Pin
Solder Cups
J Size Cutout
3 and 5 Pin Variations
EMI and RF Protection
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Available sizes Overview

JL Series XLR chassis connectors offer a sleek and robust connection in a standard "J" Size shell. This series is perfect for high-noise environments like permanent installations or design-in applications where the termination method is solder cups.

The connectors have a die cast zinc housing with an electrocoated black finish which allows for great RF protection. They have precision machined, one piece, silver plated contacts and a separate tin plated ground pin which grounds to the connector housing and panel. Available in either black or nickel plated housing and in 3 or 5 pin variations.

The JL Series XLR chassis connectors help prevent local RF interference from assisted listening, WiFi, and other radio transmitters close to the connectors. When coupled with quality shielded cables, a robust system for preventing the intrusion of unwanted noises is created.

Technical Specifications

Product IO-XLR5-X-BK-JL
Part Number
Male (IO-XLR5-M-BK-JL),
Female (IO-XLR5-F-BK-JL)
Material Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating
Zinc Die Cast
Shell Finish
Zinc Die Cast
Locking Element
Locking Element Finish
Mechanical > 1000
Mating Cycles
Solder Cups
Latch Lock
Locking Device
Mounting Direction
Separate ground contact to mating connector shell and front panel
Electrical ≤ 2 pF
Capacitance Between Contacts
≤ 6 pF
Capacitance Between
Contact and Ground
< 7mΩ
Contact Resistance
1500 V @ 60s
Dielectric Strength
≥ 5000mΩ
Insulation Resistance
7.5A/125V AC
Current Rating
Environmental Complies with
IEC 60068-2-20
IEC 60603-11 / EIA RS-453
Standard Compliance
-40°C ~ +70° C
(-40°F ~ +158°F)
Temperature Range
UL 94 HB
UL Flammability Rating

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