E Series Vertical 5 Pin Chassis Connector

XLR Connectors
E Series Vertical 5 Pin Chassis Connector

Part Number: IO-XLR5-X-EV


Locking vertical PCB Mount 5 pin chassis connector with plastic body for audio and lighting control.​


Other Available Mounting Option: Horizontal PCB Mount

Gold Plated Contacts
Durable Connectors in a Small Footprint
Highest Packing Density Connector
Separate Ground Pin
Vertical PCB Mount
Rugged Plastic Body
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Available sizes Overview

E Series XLR chassis connectors offer the most cost-effective solution for design-in applications where the termination method is to a printed circuit board. The small footprint makes this our XLR receptacle with the highest packing density available.​

These connectors feature a compact all plastic housing with precision machined, one piece, gold plated contacts to help prolong the useful life of the connectors. They also come with a separate nickel plated ground pin that grounds the connector to the panel. The compact form factor of the these connectors makes them perfect for situations where space saving is a priority or space for a connector is limited.

Available in 3 or 5 pin, Male or Female variations with options for vertical or horizontal PCB mounting.

Technical Specifications

Product IO-XLR5-X-EV
Part Number
Male (IO-XLR5-M-EV),
Female (IO-XLR5-F-EV)
Material H62
.05μm Au
Contact Plating
Shell Finish
Locking Element
Locking Element Finish
Mechanical > 1000
Mating Cycles
Vertical PCB Mount
Latch Lock
Locking Device
Mounting Direction
Separate Ground Pin
Electrical ≤ 2 pF
Capacitance Between Contacts
≤ 2.4 pF
Capacitance Between
Contact and Ground
< 6mΩ
Contact Resistance
1500 V @ 60s
Dielectric Strength
≥ 1000mΩ
Insulation Resistance
15A/125V AC
Current Rating
Environmental Complies with
IEC 60068-2-20
IEC 60603-11 / EIA RS-453
Standard Compliance
-40°C ~ +70° C
(-40°F ~ +158°F)
Temperature Range
UL 94 HB
UL Flammability Rating

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