Powerlatch™ Chassis Connector

Powerlatch Connectors
Powerlatch™ Chassis Connector

Part Number: IO-PRC3MPX

Powerlatch™ chassis connectors are specialized AC power connectors designed to replace common IEC bulkhead inlet and outlet connectors for a more secure connection.

UL Recognized and Approved Components​

Strong Locking Mechanism
Rated for 20A/250V AC
Blue (A) and Gray (B) Options
Unique Keyways
Flat Tab Terminals
UL Approved Components
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Powerlatch™ AC power chassis connectors are designed for single-phase AC applications and are rated for 20A at 250V AC which makes them perfect for high current applications like stage productions, lighting, or video distribution systems. As such, these connectors include several safety features to protect the user.

They utilize a twist-to-lock motion in order to provide the safest connection for high current applications by virtually eliminating the possibility of accidental unplugging while protecting the user from uninTentional shocks and conductor damage. The connectors are also specifically keyed and color coded for input (blue or A) and output (gray or B) to eliminate the possibility of intermating. Lastly, they feature a pre-mating ground contact to ensure the circuit is properly grounded before the rest of the conductors make a connection. The chassis connectors are designed to fit into standard "J" Size power receptacle locations.

Powerlatch™ chassis connectors are a perfect solution for applications where local receptacle standards differ, but safety must be maintained at all times. The sturdy, locking plastic connectors offer durability that will ensure years of reliable service without interruption or fatigue even in harsh environments. The ability to install or remove them in the field means that installers and integrators can customize their use and get the job done.

NOTE: Not to be disconnected under load.

Technical Specifications

Product IO-PRC3MPX
Part Number
Material Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating
Blue or Gray
Shell Finish
Phosphor Bronze
Locking Element
Locking Element Plating
Mechanical > 1000
Mating Cycles
Quick Lock
Locking Device
Front Mounting
Mounting Direction
J Size
Chassis Shape
Flat Tab Terminals
Protection Grade
Electrical ≤ 3 mΩ
Contact Resistance
2000 V @ 60s
Dielectric Strength
≥ 100 MΩ
Insulation Resistance
25 A / 250 VAC
Current Rating
Environmental UL 94 V-0
IEC 61984
Standard Compliance
UL Listed (US)
-40°C ~ +70° C
(-40°F ~ +158°F)
Working Temperature

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