Premium XLR Cable

Balanced XLR Cables
Premium XLR Cable

Part Number: IO-XLR3-YY-X

An XLR cable built for the most offensive environments where preserving the quality of the signal is paramount.

Nylon Braided Sleeve
Double Braided Shield to provide 100% coverage
LDPE Insulation
Silver Plated Conductors
4 Conductor (Star Quad) Design
Strain Relieving Connectors
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The Premium Series XLR cable is built using a star quad configuration which is significantly more effective at filtering out RF or EMI noise than traditional twisted pair configurations. Combine the dual conductor configuration with a dual braided shield and what you get is pristine audio quality even in the most offensive RF or EMI environments.

The conductors are made of 24 AWG, stranded OFC and are also silver plated to improve conductivity. The insulation uses LDPE which reduces capacitance while a CPE insulator adds flexibility by separating the conductors from the shields. The first shield is braided OFC while the second shield is braided tinned copper. Additionally, the PVC jacket prevents noise from any mechanical vibration. The cable is topped off with a braided nylon sleeve to bring sophistication to an extremely high end cable.

The IO-XLR3-M-BK and IO-XLR3-F-BK connectors feature durable die cast zinc shells with built in latch locks which provide a reliable connection when mated with the opposite gender. They also feature a sturdy plastic insert that tightens onto the cable to provide strain relief while an additional rubber boot delivers extended support from excessive bending. The silver plated contacts ensure a great signal every time.

XLR Cable
XLR Cable
XLR Cable

Technical Specifications

Product IO-XLR3-XX-X
Part Number
4 Plus 2 Shields
Number of Conductors
Conductors 20/0.12mm SPC OFC
24 AWG
Insulation LDPE
1.8 ± 0.1mm
Blue (2) and White (2)
Semi-Conductive Insulator CPE
5.0 ± 0.1mm
Shield (1) Braided TC, (1) Braided BC
16*9/0.10 (x2)
Jacket 7.6mm
(8.4mm with
Nylon Sleeve)
PVC with Braided
Nylon Sleeve
Gray (PVC),
Black (Nylon)
Electrical & Mechanical Characteristics 0.073 ± 1% Ω/m
Conductor DC Resistance
0.007 ± 1% Ω/m
Shield DC Resistance
≤ 27.9 pF/ft
Capacitance Between
≤ 40.9 pF/ft
Capacitance Between
Conductors and Shield
500 V
Voltage Breakdown
≥ 50,000
Flex Life
> 1,159 N
Tensile Strength
-20°C ~ +60° C
(-4°F ~ +140°F)
Applicable Temperature
-40°C ~ +70° C
(-40°F ~ +158°F)
Peak Temperature

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